The Penny Suit Move

Award winning docu. Penny board in action. History of the Penny Suit. Explanation of weights and measures, metallurgy, numerology, etc. Check it out on Vimeo below. Edited and co-directed by Jeremey Wilson.


Fighting Jason Ellis @ #Ellismania19

3 round boxing match scheduled vs. Jason Ellis ( @EllisMate ) at #Ellismania19 in Austin Texas this October. Stay tuned for more details!


Metallica / The Salvation Kingdom Docu

Had the pleasure of capturing the exclusive story of Connie Burton, older sister of Cliff Burton (bassplayer on the first 3 Metallica albums, died on tour with them in 1986) as she shares of her experience, strength, hope, and faith in dealing with addiction and overcoming the tragic loss of her brother, Cliff. Edited by Jared Duba.




D2L Documentary Reaches 11,000 Views

Penny Skateboard/Shoes – Vans 50th Anniversary Collection

Last year Steve Van Doren acquired the New Era Penny Skateboard for addition to the Vans 50th Anniversary collection. Also, Vans Germany (via Jürgen Blümlein / Fauxami) secured the Old School Low Top ‘Penny Vans 2.0’ for the 50th year collection display for Vans China.


The New Era Penny Board (and Penny Vans Low Tops) informally commemorate the Penny Suit Vans advertisement that appeared in print magazines in 1996.  Read more of this post

Ride Channel Push Documentary Parts 1 and 2

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The 16 wheeler / Lonnie Toft 8 X 2