Penny Skateboard/Shoes – Vans 50th Anniversary Collection

Last year Steve Van Doren acquired the New Era Penny Skateboard for addition to the Vans 50th Anniversary collection. Also, Vans Germany (via Jürgen Blümlein / Fauxami) secured the Old School Low Top ‘Penny Vans 2.0’ for the 50th year collection display for Vans China.


The New Era Penny Board (and Penny Vans Low Tops) informally commemorate the Penny Suit Vans advertisement that appeared in print magazines in 1996. 

Pictured below are photos of said Penny Suit ad, the Penny low tops, etc. on display at a trade-show in China.



Also on display in China: Award winning signature Vans “Shoe Birth” advert (colab with McElroy Communications Agency)


And the “I’m Stuffed” advert featuring Wee Man and slappy 50-50


(Dalgart Photos)

(not on display) Random Trading Card from 1997 Team Vans Trading Card Series

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 7.28.01 AM


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