Thrasher Mag 90s

Wheelbarrow nose-slap spread 1991


Nose blunt over spine 1991


rainy one foot ollie ballard shot the Fresno/Visalia triangle 1992


Interview 1993.



4 Responses to Thrasher Mag 90s

  1. Dave Merrick says:

    I was completely fascinated in school with your type of fun. The board with 4 trucks, the clown get up, I think there was maybe an ironing board too. Good stuff. I even glued astro turf carpet on one of my decks. Thanks.

  2. grimmit says:

    Nice Blog Simon. I did search for Stories from you for a long time. Once at the Monster Mastership we met each other -nice time ;-)

  3. Stuart D. Baker says:

    Thank you! Keep shredding the gnar!

  4. Stuart D. Baker says:

    Right on! Keep shredding the gnar gnar broseph!


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